About Bow Fishing

I’d like to take the time to highlight some key points that are about bow fishing.

  1. Bow Safety

    Bow safety is very similar to gun safety, but do not let that sentence scare you away or keep you from trying out the sport for the first time! The most important thing would be to make sure that all the pieces of your bow are in god working condition, if you do not know how to inspect your bow, we can teach you what to look out for and more specifically when something looks wrong. Of course all the normal rules apply as they do for any projectile weapon, do not point it at yourself or anyone else. And, depending on whether or not you are fishing from a boat and the type of boat you are fishing from, try not to aim the bow at the boat until you get a grasp of understanding the mechanics.

  1. Gear

    Many people think that it is hard to break into the sporting world of bow fishing if you don’t already have the gear for it. In fact many charters such as ourselves offer the equipment for first time bow fishers without the need to make a commitment to the sport by purchasing the gear yourself. Another odd misconception is that a boat that is well fortified and outfitted specifically for bow fishing is needed. This is completely untrue! While it is definitely more fun―and in some ways easier to bow fish from a boat―it is also very common to see people bow fishing right off of the docks.

  1. Sights

    If you are familiar with bows, you know that many bows come equipped with a sight to aid with long range hunting. This aspect can deter new comers to the sport who feel like they would not be able to properly work a sight. In fact you’re better off skipping a sight altogether, many bow fisherman do not fish with a sight because it ultimately gets in the way. More often than not, you will be so close to your prey that a sight is really just redundant and you most likely would not even have enough time to line up a shot in the crosshairs.

Hopefully these little blurbs helped clear up some questions you may have had about the exciting and unique sport of bow fishing!

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