Warm June Weather

Here on the Emerald Coast this June, Destin Bow Fishing is offering up some of the warmest and most ideal weather we’ve had in the past year!

With crystal clear water that’s already warming up and allowing for near-perfect visibility, we’re able to provide you with the guaranteed greatest bow fishing places in the country!

For our first-time guests and those of you that just aren’t as familiar, bow fishing is a method of fishing which utilizes specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve the fish in place of fishing lines, making for the perfect combination of hunting and fishing.

Most non-game and rough fish species are legal for bowfishing and nighttime is considered to be the more popular time for the sport. Fish tend to come out and feel more secure at night as the water cools, even though here we’re having just as good luck during the day!

Most arrows are used without sights, instead bow fishers rely instead on instinct. Although perhaps awkward and unusual at first, this will soon become second-nature. We can assure you that bow fishing is a lot less intimidating than it sounds, and is much easier to prepare for and learn than it sounds.

Destin Bow Fishing is very accommodating for beginners, and our professional staff is always around to answer questions on bow safety. We offer the equipment needed and will help provide you with the experience needed to master this unique and exciting sport!

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